Take Your Interior Space To Outer Space

Commemorate The Historic Moon Landing's 50 Years With Wall Murals

Fifty years ago, the Apollo 11 mission landed the first humans on the moon. If you're old enough to remember, you know it was a time of wonders, when it seemed like science and ingenuity could achieve anything.

The Apollo 11 landing happened in July 1969 -- a time when humans back on earth were living it up with mod looks and earth tones, when American society and culture were experiencing great upheavals.

Now you can recapture that spirit of exploration with space-themed wall murals from Eazywallz! Simple to install and remove, these high-quality images will give your home a sense of limitless opportunity. They include antique depictions of major constellations, colorful and entrancing nebula images from space, and informative posters to better acquaint you with our place in the universe.

One Giant Leap For Wall Decor

Images of planets, moons, and galaxies are often dark or vivid in color, so make sure you balance them with light and neutral tones in your decorating – unless, of course, you're going for a landing-capsule look! Other ideas for a room featuring a moon or space mural:

Constellation images harmonize well with decorative touches from nature, such as stones, plants, or natural wood grain elements.

Spacecraft and planets look great with a mid-century modern theme, perhaps featuring aqua blue or electric orange. 

Go for drama with a star map as the focus of a stark black-and-white environment.

Make a fantasy space mural part of a design that evokes another planet, or the interior of your favorite fictional starship. Just a few accent pieces can suggest this theme without looking obsessive.

A plaque on the lunar lander read "We came in peace for all mankind." Use a space-themed wall mural to instill a feeling of peace and perspective, surrounding it with harmonizing furniture and decor to become your own Tranquility Base.

About Eazywallz

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