The trend for lush, leafy wall décor has never been stronger, with new interpretations sprouting up each new season. As the notion that you can bring the outdoors inside without any maintenance continues to spread, you’ll want to hurry to find the fresh idea that best suits your space while it’s still ripe.


From hotels to restaurants, to retail spaces and stylish homes, nature-inspired wall décor is a modern method for refreshing any space. Whether its flowers, foliage or forests, the more realistic your green wall, the more it will endow your space with the feeling that it’s a natural extension of the great outdoors.


There’s no more suitable space for fresh greens than in your kitchen. Beyond infusing your cooking or eating space with lightness and life, leafy green wall murals also serve to whet appetites and spark interest around the table. Try adding a high-definition green-themed wall mural as a backdrop to your cooking area, or in your dining area for an inspiring meal setting. 

Get the look:

Fresh Green Straws Wall MuralFresh Green Straws Wallpaper Mural

Aspen Birch Trees Wall Mural, Eazywallz.euAspen Birch Tree Wallpaper Mural

 Deep Ecuadorian Forest Wall Mural, eazywallz.euDeep Ecuadorian Forest Wallpaper Mural

Autumn Forest Landscape Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euAutumn Forest Landscape Wallpaper Mural



Adding a green wall mural to your living space serves to immediately infuse it with a breath of freshness.  For a minimalist take on the trend, opt for a single accent wall behind a focal furniture piece, like a large sofa, armchair or even buffet. Warm up any interior with a deep forest image, or go for a leafy hand-painted pattern to spruce up your space with a more traditional twist.

Get the look:

Pine Forest Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euPine Forest Wallpaper Mural  

Dark Leaves Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDark Leaves Wallpaper Mural

Foggy Forest and Hiking Trail Wall Mural, eazywallz.euFoggy Forest and Hiking Trail Wall Mural

 Green Bamboo Forest Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euGreen Bamboo Forest Wallpaper Mural 


 Stop counting noisy sheep and start counting towering trees in the calming forest. Adding a green wall to your bedroom is an effective way to conjure a peaceful ambiance in your most serene space. There’s nothing lovelier than sinking into fresh-scented sheets and drifting off to dreamland in a relaxing outdoor setting.

Get the look:

Green Spring Forest Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euGreen Spring Forest Wallpaper Mural

EXOTIC LEAVES IN WATERCOLOUR WALLPAPER MURAL, eazywallz.euExotic Leaves in Watercolour Wallpaper Mural 

Green Meadow Under Blue Sky Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euGreen Meadow Under Blue Sky Wallpaper Mural

Dark Forest Off Trail Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDark Forest Off Trail Wallpaper Mural

Sunlight in Old Forest Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euSunlight in Old Forest Wallpaper Mural

 Stylish, contemporary and low maintenance. What’s not to love?