Do you dream in black and white? While we’re not sure if we do, we definitely have been dreaming ABOUT it lately. From photography to fashion to interior design, a black and white scale remains one of the most powerful ways to express beauty in its simplest form.


Stripping the image to its core, black and white imagery allows the mind’s eye to be drawn directly to the details: substance, structure, shadow and light. Free from the distraction of colour, the viewer is suddenly endowed with a more intimate interaction with what is in front of them.

When it comes to interior design, the principle remains intact and even goes a step further: beyond serving to draw more attention to an image itself, black and white wall décor compliments the details of the space itself in terms of its layout and composition, namely how and what is placed between its walls.


 You can easily add drama to any space by placing black or white furniture against a black and white background. By placing a simple black table and chairs against a hi-definition black and white photograph, you can create a bold and luxurious ambiance in no time at all. Add some white roses in a black vase, a black fur throw and a black and white painting in a jet black frame to enrich the environment even more.

Get the look:

Dark Mural Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDark Marble Wallpaper Mural

Under Water Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.eu Under Water Wallpaper Mural

Black and White Bali Wallpaper Mural

Detailed Eiffel Tower View Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.eu

Detailed Eiffel Tower View Wallpaper Mural



Conversely, choosing all white furniture against a black and white background will also create a starkly sharp look for your space. Create the ultimate ethereal sleeping space by placing a white bedframe with white linens against a black and white wall mural. Add a white throw and white paintings in white frames, and the space is transformed you’ll have a proper sleep sanctuary in no time.

Get the look:

Chambord Castle Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euChambord Castle Wallpaper Mural

Black and White Soap Bubble Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euSoap Bubbles and Stripes Wallpaper Mural

New York City Vintage Fire Engine Wallpaper MuralNew York City Vintage Fire Engine Wallpaper Mural

Dock on Lobos Island Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDock on Lobos Island Wallpaper Mural

Leon Architectural Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euLeon Architectural Wall Mural

White Polar Bear on Ice Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euWhite Polar Bear on Ice Wallpaper Mural



A black and white background is a clever way to create balance when bringing bright colours into your space. If you have an affinity for vivid furniture and accessories, add a black and white wall mural or wallpaper pattern and see your space instantly transform. Statement pieces like a red couch or lounge chair will shine even brighter when complimented properly. For the final touch, add similarly coloured items onto shelves or tables tops to tie everything together neatly.

Get the look:

New York City Black and White Skyline Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euNew York City Black and White Skyline Wall Mural

Abstract Spheres Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz,eu Sphere City Wallpaper Mural

Abstract Architectural Detailed Mural, eazywallz.euWhite Support Wallpaper Mural

Abstract Architectural Ceiling Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euIn White We Truss Wallpaper Mural