Autumn is known for its changing colours, so why not celebrate the season in your own home with an update to your design and décor?

This fall’s pantone palette is characterized by rich, deep and vibrant hues, so opting for an autumnal design palette is a wise way to infuse your space with elegance and warmth as the temperature begins drop.

Feel the Forest

Dive deep into the season’s fresh palette with lush greens that yearn to be seen. Bold yet elegant, forest green hues offer a clever way to warm up a room while keeping a cool and understated style. Juxtapose a matte green motif with textured accent items like a gold lamp or fur blanket to create a cozy yet luxurious space. Or, contrast clean lines against a high-definition photography wall mural featuring an enchanted forest for contemporary style with a natural twist. 

Get the look:

Oak Tree Forest Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euOak Tree Forest Wallpaper Mural 

Evergreen Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euEvergreen Wallpaper Mural

 Palm Leaves Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euPalm Leaves Wallpaper Mural 

  Amazon Wildcat Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euAmazon Wildcat Wallpaper Mural 

Dark Jungle Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDark Jungle Wallpaper Mural 

Bring on the Butterscotch


Keep warm well into the winter months with golden hues and caramel tones. Deeper than last season’s mustard motifs, butterscotch yellow profoundly pumps up the ambiance in any space and makes it glow. Try a textured photographic mural across one wall, or wrap the entire space in a more traditional pattern. Carefully curate a selection of contrasting accent items like wood-scented candles sprawled across hand-carved trays to add more profound perspective and even deeper dimension.  

Get the look:

Autumn Panorama Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euAutumn Panorama Wallpaper Mural

Gold Water Colour Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euGold Water Colour Wallpaper Mural 

Golden Baroque Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euGolden Baroque Wallpaper Mural

Drum up the Plum

Fall trend reports are revered for their royal bouquets of red and purple. This season, plum purple has made a seamless yet unforgettable entrance into both the fashion and interior design spheres. Bursting with saturated brilliance, plum shades bring an instant touch of bold elegance to living and working environments alike. Keep things contemporary with a plum-tinted mural against a single wall, or soak your space in an iconic plum wallpaper pattern for a traditional twist. 

Get the look:

Flower Vines Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euFlower Vines Wallpaper Mural 

Plum Petals Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euPlum Petals Wallpaper Mural 

Dutch Flowers Pattern Wallpaper Mural, eazywallz.euDutch Wallpaper Wall Mural